Five Advantages to Driving a Certified Pre-Owned Chevy Equinox

February 18th, 2021 by

certified pre-owned Chevy Equinox

Worried about buying a certified pre-owned Chevy Equinox from Videon Chevrolet? Here are five advantages to driving and buying a certified pre-owned Chevrolet vehicle.

1. Low Price Tag

Generally, considered to be more affordable than brand-new vehicles, certified pre-owned vehicles can be a much more affordable option. Also, our Chevrolet dealership always offers specials on financing our certified pre-owned vehicles.

2. Variety

From sedans to SUVs to trucks, there’s a certified pre-owned Chevy vehicle out there for everyone. With so many options to choose from, you won’t be limited to a specific model year. Now you can look at vehicles that have the features and accessories you want, at a fraction of the price.

3. Warranty and Coverage

All of our certified pre-owned vehicles for sale come with a manufacturer-backed warranty. Typically, this warranty will be extensive and cover most of your vehicle’s repair and maintenance. Compared to other used cars, certified pre-owned provides you with the coverage you need to have peace of mind.

4. Reliability and Safety

All of our certified pre-owned Chevy inventory has undergone a thorough inspection and has been determined to be reliable. Only once it’s met our specific qualifications can this vehicle get the CPO badge of quality assurance. On the other hand, traditional used cars do not undergo the same inspection.

5. Value

Unlike new vehicles, whose value depreciates after you leave the dealership, pre-owned vehicles retain their vehicle for much longer. This is great for insurance purposes and in case you ever plan on selling.

Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Chevy Equinox

Ready to get behind the wheel of your very own certified pre-owned Chevy Equinox? Get in touch with our Pennsylvania Chevrolet dealership today!

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