How to Trade-In Your Car to our Chevy Dealership Serving Allentown, PA

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Trade in

Many drivers are unaware of just how beneficial the trade-in process can be. Learn the ins and outs of trading in your car when you come to Videon Chevrolet. Our Chevy finance team will walk you through the steps of trading so you can drive away in a new Chevy car.

Estimate the Value of Your Trade-In

Start the trade-in process with this key step. You can use our website’s Value Your Trade tool or an online tool like Kelley Blue Book to see an estimate of your vehicle’s worth.

The value of your car is calculated on your current car’s age, model, make, and general condition. Remember this number is an estimate, so you need to get your vehicle properly appraised for a final value.

Have Your Vehicle Appraised

Get your vehicle appraised at our Chevy dealership to see how much it’s actually worth. Our team of technicians will inspect your vehicle’s exterior, interior, and mechanics to see your vehicle’s condition. Mainly, we use this opportunity to see if we can sell your vehicle, and if so, how much we can sell it for.

Finalize the Deal

Our team will come up with a selling price and let you know how much we’re willing to pay for your vehicle. Of course, you can reject, accept or negotiate the deal. If you accept, we can give you cash for your car or you can trade in your car. Trading in lets you apply the value of your car toward the purchase of a new Chevy car.

Trade-In Your Car Today

When you’re ready to trade in your current car, get in touch with our Chevy finance team to schedule an appointment at our Chevy dealership serving Allentown, PA. In just one short appointment, you could be the proud owner of a new Chevy vehicle. Visit soon!

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